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Year 5/6 Sailing

Five intrepid explorers (and a headteacher) set out to Rutland Water this morning for a 'Sailing Experience'. It was VERY windy, which meant that the boats went very fast!


Once we had struggled into our wetsuits, helmets and life preservers, those under the age of 12 set out on the water in boats, practising their paddling and steering skills. Once these were mastered, the children were shown how to unfurl a sail and taught the basics of sailing.


Then it was time to return to the water, this time under wind power. The first boat shot off at great speed, giving the occupants a bit of a shock! Never under-estimate the power of the wind! After a few false starts, and a small capsizing incident, we were soon taking it in turns to tack out to the nearest buoy and back.


Mrs Davis was proud of all those who took part, in particular those with a real fear of water, who faced those fears head on, even after watching others tipping over.


A great time was had by all!