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Welcome to

Exton & Greetham CE Primary School

The Curriculum

The Curriculum at Exton & Greetham CE Primary School


The National Curriculum 2014 was designed to ensure that children are taught essential knowledge in key subjects, while allowing teachers the freedom to design a curriculum that engages and excites the children we teach. At Exton and Greetham CE Primary School, the curriculum runs using themes and curriculum content is adapted to suit the ages of the children in each class each year. The curriculum for each class can be found on the class pages, and at the bottom of this page. This is updated annually in line with the curriculum in each class. 


Literacy and Numeracy are taught as discrete subjects, though linked to the class topic where possible. Teachers are also mindful that literacy and numeracy skills should also be incorporated into other subject areas to ensure they are developed and made relevant.


From September 2022 we have moved to using 'Little Wandle' as our scheme for phonics teaching. Books that come home will either be part of the 'Little Wandle' scheme or be matched to the phonics that have been taught, so that the children have the opportunity to practise the phonemes they have been learning and to develop fluency in reading.


As a church school we teach RE following the Peterborough Diocese Agreed Syllabus which has been adapted by the RLT.


EYFS/ Year 1 - Energy and Process

This class runs as a fully integrated EYFS/ Year 1 classroom with free-flow into the outside area. The focus begins on learning through play, and focussed groups are taught to their needs to ensure progress. There is an integrated curriculum covering both EYFS and Year 1 expectations. Literacy, Numeracy and phonics are taught daily discreetly, and through the curriculum. Phonics is taught using Little Wandle. Reading is taught using Little Wandle resources. Books in the first few years at school  are closely matched to children's phonics teaching so that they have the opportunity to use the sounds they have learnt and use these to develop reading fluency. There is a weekly lesson of RE and two lessons of PE a week. The curriculum is based on termly/ half termly topics of interest and the two year groups are challenged and extended within the topic.


Year 2/3/4 - Structure and Clarity

The focus in this classroom is on developing independent learning skills and developing a love of learning. There is an integrated curriculum covering the year 2, 3 and 4 expectations. Children will work towards ensuring they have all the basic skills they need to access learning at the higher years and focussed groups are taught to their needs to ensure progress. The children continue to learn and develop their phonics into spelling using Little Wandle as appropriate, before moving on to our spelling scheme. Reading continues through the use of Book Bands until the children are ready to be 'free readers'. The curriculum is again based on topics , with literacy, numeracy and phonics/ spelling all taught daily at a level appropriate to the class. RE has a weekly lesson and there are two lessons of PE a week. French is taught weekly by a specialist French teacher.


​Year 5 and 6 - Poetry and Dream

The focus in the year 5 and year 6 classrooms is on applying independent learning skills, and focussed groups are then taught to their needs to ensure progress. The curriculum is based on relevant topics and the three year groups are challenged and extended within the topic, covering year 5 and 6 expectations. Literacy, numeracy and spelling are taught at a level appropriate to the class. This may be discreetly or as part of the topic. RE has a weekly lesson. French is taught weekly by a specialist French teacher. There are two lessons of PE per week.


More detailed information about the curriculum is available on each class page on the website and at the bottom of this page.

Curriculum Accessibility for equality and SEND

At Exton & Greetham CE Primary School, all teachers are responsible for providing an inclusive curriculum that is differentiated for those with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND). We have high expectations for all pupils and are committed to ensuring our curriculum complies with the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. 

Our inclusion statement emphasises the importance of providing an inclusive learning environment for all pupils including those with SEND. Additional information on this can be found in our Special Education Needs Documents and our accessibility plan.

Exton & Greetham Parent Pledge

Exton & Greetham CE Primary School 'Big Picture' of our Curriculum



We assess the children regularly to inform their next steps in learning. This usually takes the form of formative assessment, where we look at what they children are achieving in their everyday class work and how we can support or build on this learning to take them to the next stage of learning. We track this progress using Integris which allows us to look at what concepts children have been introduced to, and how they are progressing towards mastering each concept. Children are then tracked on their progress towards the end of year expectations for the academic year group they are working in. Summative assessments are also used to track progress in test situations and to allow us to review progress against children in other schools to ensure parity. We also meet regularly with colleagues within the Rutland Learning Trust and with colleagues in other local schools to moderate teacher assessments and discuss assessment and progress.

Termly Curriculum Plans and Knowledge Organisers can be found on individual class pages.


To find out more about our curriculum, please speak to your child's teacher.

Remote Learning Provision - January 2021 onwards

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