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Welcome to

Exton & Greetham CE Primary School

Forces Families

At Exton & Greetham CE Primary School, around 20% of our pupils have a parent serving, or who has served, in one of the Armed Forces. 


Children who have a parent serving in one of the Armed Forces can face additional challenges that other children may not experience. They may have already had frequent home and school moves, each time being the new child in the class again. This means that they have to make new friends and develop relationships with the teachers at school. Depending on the individual child's resilience and their confidence, it can have a significant impact upon their emotional wellbeing and thus impact on their progress and attainment. 


Some children may have a parent who is away from home for long periods of time serving with the Armed Forces. Not only may the children experience understandable feelings of loss in relation to the absent parent, there may be additional emotional stress caused by fear and anxiety if the absent parent is in a dangerous environment. In these situations, we work with families to ensure that we support each individual in the way that suits them best, whether this is providing time to talk, support through our ELSA (emotional literacy support assistant) or another bespoke support package for the child.


We also support children whose parents are leaving the Armed Forces after many years of service. This is often a time of transition for the whole family, and we work to support the children as the whole family adjusts to a new way of life. 


Transition into Exton & Greetham CE Primary School

We work alongside parents as children join the school to ensure that they children quickly feel part of the school community. Our website is kept as up-to-date as possible, enabling parents of children due to join the school to talk to the children about the class they are to join, and to look at photographs of activities. Parents are provided with a 'New Parents Handbook' which provides lots of information about how the school runs. 


Before the children arrive at the school we endeavour to ensure that pegs, lockers and drawers are labelled. The children's pictures are added to our entrance display which shows all of the children who are in the school community. On their first day, children are given a 'buddy', who shows them around and makes sure they know where everything is. During the first few days we focus on ensuring that the children are settled socially and emotionally - a happy child is one who is ready to learn, and so this is our initial focus. Academic information is shared from the previous school to ensure that any educational support needed is quickly in place. Teachers then ensure that they work closely with the new child to get to know their strengths and areas for development. 


Transition out of Exton & Greetham CE Primary School

We truly believe that our school is a family, and we are always sorry to say goodbye to children. As children prepare to move on, we spend time making sure that the children are ready for going to their new school, focussing once more on their social and emotional wellbeing. We liaise with the children's new school, passing on not only academic 'data', but also other information that the children and families want us to share. This might include any worries the child may have. We make sure the children know that even when they have moved on, they are not forgotten, and they remain part of our school family and part of our entrance display board. We always love to hear how people are getting on at their new school!


If you have any questions about our support for children whose parents are in the Armed Forces, do contact the school office.



Parental Comments


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the moment we first stepped into the school to view it, we knew it was the place for us. You have exceeded all our expectations. Our children have flourished under your care, and as a family we couldn't be more grateful. We can't sing your praises enough. Please never change, as schools like this are rare and should be treasured. We hope you all know how very appreciated you are and how well you work together as a unit. The children, the villages, the local people are so lucky to have you."

Family who joined the school from Cyprus, were with us for two years, and have been posted back to Cyprus.


"I would like to say a massive thank you for the last two days in getting this ready for us. I know how extremely busy you are, but to still go out of your way at such short notice and do this for us just shows us even more what such a fantastic school you are!"

Family needing paperwork quickly on news of deployment.

Comments from Service Pupils


Why would you not send your child to Exton and Greetham CE Primary School? Joining our school will give them a safe environment; a safe environment because they are able to be themselves without being judged. The more children that join our school, the more intelligent they will become.


There is no doubt when you first walk into the door, you realise that all the adults and children are all very kind. Some children are very academic; others are physical or very creative, so all children are allowed to choose what type of learning is best for them.


At Exton & Greetham there are only three classes, so everybody gets to know each other really well, but still following the three rules at the same time: we are kind, we are honest, we forgive. 



I have been to around 12 to 13 different schools in my life, but if I had a list of my top schools, Exton and Greetham Primary School would be in my top three schools, not only because of its three rules: we are kind, we are honest, we forgive; but also because this school gives children a chance, a chance because they are free to be themselves.


Some people are academic and love facts and figures. Others are physical or creative. At Exton and Greetham, all learning styles are celebrated and children are allowed to learn the way that is the greatest choice for the children. Wouldn’t you want this for your child/ children?


The more the children learn the way that is the greatest decision for them, the better learner they become!

Josh C


If you send your child to Exton & Greetham CE Primary School then they will have a great learning experience. When you come and visit, everyone has a smile on their face and it feels like one big family. 


In Exton & Greetham you see a lot of learning like in most schools. But at Exton & Greetham, they know that some people learn in in one way; others learn in another, so that’s why they provide things to make learning right for you. The better they learn, the more they learn.


Because there are only three classes in Exton & Greetham CE Primary School, the children will get to know their classes and their teachers and make bonds with lots of different people. In addition to that, there are school rules: we are kind, we are honest, we forgive, so everyone looks after each other and have their backs. 


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