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Welcome to

Exton & Greetham CE Primary School

Why work at Exton & Greetham?

As part of their literacy work, Class 2 wrote adverts for teachers to come and work at our school. They looked at what we needed to say to 'sell' the school and reflected on what they felt made a good teacher. Of course, Mrs Davis found an opportunity to share a song, and we watched the 'new nanny' song from Mary Poppins to get some more ideas!


Below are two of the adverts that were written. Mrs Davis knows who she is going to ask to write her next job advert!


Wanted – Excellent Teacher 


Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? Then Exton & Greetham CE Primary School is the place for you. We have an amazing cook who cooks us the best school dinners. We have lovely, sweet children and we have very fun activities planned. We are very happy having the children to meet and to teach. We also have separate classes between 1 and 3. We want a teacher who has very good teaching methods and is very nice. 


We also want a teacher who has a good start in life and has a sense of humour. We want a respectful and joyful teacher who must teach the children different lessons. 


This school is situated in Rutland. This school is in Exton countryside. 


If you would like to work in our excellent school (who wouldn’t?) please contact the school office or the school website.


Wanted – Excellent Teacher 


Have you ever wanted to teach in a person friendly school? If you do then come to Exton And Greetham CE Primary School. This great school is situated in Rutland with fantastic facilities and polite children, creative classrooms and you can have peace and quiet in the click of a finger. 


To teach in our school you must be kind and teach exciting lessons and to teach the children something different. You must have an exceptional passion and be resourceful and reflective. You must have lovely behaviour to the children and yourself. The excellent teacher must get to meetings on time. So make sure you have everything you need to come to this school so you do not miss it. Come soon, otherwise all the spaces will be full. 


If you want to come here then contact the office at Exton & Greetham CE Primary School.

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