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The Great Fire of London

Following their topic on the Great Fire of London, Class 2 were very excited to welcome Stef Douglas, one of our parents, governors and a member of the local Fire Service to school to help them recreate the Great Fire of London.


The children had spent the week before creating houses in the style of those found in London in 1666. These were carefully put out on the school field to recreate a London street. Stef carefully supervised the next step, putting all his fire fighting expertise in practice.


The Great Fire of London started in a bakery on Pudding Lane, and a house at one end of our 'street' was chosen to take this role. Stef carefully set this house on fire, and then we watched see what happened. It was astounding how quickly the fire spread along the street and how quickly the houses were reduced to ash.


There was much discussion about how lucky we are to now have a fire service, as this was not available to the people of London in 1666, and buckets of water from the Thames were not much use.


A huge thank you to Stef for coming and supervising this activity and for sharing his knowledge of fire fighting with us.