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Exton & Greetham CE Primary School

RE Day - What is belief?

On Tuesday the whole school spent the day exploring the idea of belief in a series of different activities. The big questions was: 'What does it mean to have a belief?'


The day started with a whole school assembly where we talked about different world faith's and began to explore what belief is. We were also reminded that belief is personal, and that throughout the day we would need to respect the differing beliefs of others.


The children then spent an hour in each classroom exploring differing ideas around the theme.


In Aqua Classroom there were a variety of activities linked to exploring what belief or faith meant to the children. The children heard some of the words of Greta Thunberg, who believes that everyone can make a difference in the world. This led to activities including: an exploration of what we could change in the world;  a 'tree of hope' where the children could write their thoughts, hopes or prayers; using resources to create a beautiful world, reflecting on travelling through life; and thinking about people who might need our thoughts.


In Teal Classroom the children explored belief through art work, reviewing other people's ideas about belief through art and then using these as a stimulus to create their own artwork entitled 'What is belief?'


In Cobalt Classroom the children were exploring what we can learn from different faiths. They heard three stories from different faiths with a shared theme(the importance of sharing and not being greedy). The children worked together to identify the shared theme and then discuss what it meant to each faith and to them. It led to discussions about different faiths, or people with differing beliefs having shared values, and that we can share a value without having the same belief. 


At the end of the day the children came together to talk about what they had found out and to reflect on how belief is important to so many people, but that these beliefs may differ. 

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