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Exton & Greetham CE Primary School

Crime Day!

On Monday 17th September we had a fantastic 'wow' day!


A crime had been committed at school over the weekend and the hall laptop had gone missing. There were three suspects, and lots of clues, and it was the children's job to work out who the culprit was. 


Each class had time to investigate the crime scene and collect clues, before developing their investigative skills to look at finger prints, shoe prints, handwriting and chromatography.


Meanwhile, back in the classrooms, wanted posters were created and newspaper reports were written about what had happened. Some of these will be added to the website here - watch this space!


Finally, at the end of the school day, we all gathered in the school hall, to name our lead suspect and reveal the culprit. Despite Miss Bevins having borrowed Mrs Davis' keys over the weekend, there were no clues relating to her, and so she was soon ruled out. Was it Miss Lynch or Miss Bell? Finger prints pointed to Miss Lynch and footprints to Miss Bell. CCTV was bought in to help, and the culprit was finally revealed as... Miss Lynch! However, it was obvious that she had been sleepwalking, and the ripped note, when accompanied by the CCTV, was soon found to show that she had put the laptop in the cupboard for safe keeping. She had forgotten as she had been asleep! A quick search found the missing item to the relief of everyone, and particularly Miss Lynch, who was let off with a warning and advice not to work so hard!


There are pictures below of some of the activities.

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