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Act of Remembrance

On Monday 11th November, Cobalt class walked down to the Exton War Memorial to take part in the Exton Act of Remembrance at 11am. Each year, children from the school join with those in the local community to remember not only those named on the War Memorial in the village, but also those who have fought in any conflict, past or present across the world. As ever, the children showed enormous respect. Year 6 shared poems they had written in response to the theme of remembrance, and a posy of poppies was laid on behalf of the school. 


Below are the poems from the year 6 children.




This day, we remember,

Those who fought,

Those who fell,

So we may be free forever.


Thank you for your bravery,

Those who shielded,

Those who defended,

So their past could give our future.


This day we remember,

Those who sacrificed,

Those who lost their loved ones,

We honour you and respect you for all that you’ve done.


Thank you for the courage for all you did,

Even though you didn’t have all that you should

Like equipment, gas masks and warm clothes.

This day we remember, and thank you for your fight.





This Day


This day we remember

Those who fought for us to live

Those who loved

Those who forgive.


Bravely protecting, they battled on

Sacrificing their lives

They fell in fear

This day, we honour them.


This day we respect.

Those who gave their lives

To let us live freely.

With friends and family waiting at home.


As you lie in Flanders fields, 

We believe in you,

You are loved,

You are remembered.





Lest We Forget


They had no say,

They had no voice,

They follow orders,

They had no choice,

Lest we forget.


The shower of bullets,

Smell of gas,

Lost loved ones,

They will all-ways remember,

Lest we forget.


Over the top they charged,

Thank-you for your courageous acts,

You fell with your faces to the foe,

Lest we forget.





Lest we forget


This day we remember,

All of those who fought,

All of those who risked their lives,

Lest we forget.


This day we remember,

For those have memories,

For fighting for our country,

Lest we forget.


This day we remember,

Those who didn’t give up,

Those who shielded our country,

Lest we forget.