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Welcome to

Exton & Greetham CE Primary School

Week 5

Check last week’s sticky learning! 
➢ Can you still count in French?
➢ How do you ask someone their age? And tell them yours?
➢ Can you still remember how to write the French colours you learnt last week? Test yourself!


We have got some proper snow this week! It’s the perfect opportunity to explore winter in French
• Listen to this song a couple of times. – un bonhomme de neige. It has some words you might recognise about parts of the body.
Can you spot the French words for ‘snowman’, ‘white’, ‘black eyes’, ‘long nose,’ ‘big mouth’ and ‘orange carrot’?



Can you draw a picture of a snowman and label his body parts in French? You can look up any words you don’t know on
See if you can add colours or even words like “stripey” to make your description interesting – remember they go after the noun unless they describe size!
• Now watch this lesson, learning how to say some French winter words. See if you can remember them – we’ll do a Kahoot quiz on them next week!
• Watch this funny winter song to finish

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