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Week 2

First, have a go at this Kahoot quiz to see what you remember from last week’s session. Click on the picture and enter the Game PIN: 09262253. Good luck! 😊


Now watch these videos and practise counting to 20 and 50.
Don’t worry if you can’t join in with all the numbers!
Challenge – if you know them already, can you try to count in 2s or 5s in French?

French Numbers 1-20 Rap (Les chiffres et les nombres 1-20) - Learn French!

Learn French! Song for learning the French numbers 1-20. Perfect for students K-12.For conjugating the verb "être", check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Les Chiffres 1-20 alain le lait

Numbers in French from 1-20

Les chiffres et les nombres de 20 à 50 - alain le lait (French numbers)

Les chiffres et les nombres de 20 à 50© 2015 Alain Le Lait - Music & animation

Watch lesson 3 and 4. They are about saying your age and counting to 30. Can you practise with someone in your family? Or act out a conversation with two Lego characters, puppets or soft toys?
Challenge – can you say your birthday in French? And work out how to ask someone else when their birthday is?

Now watch this video 
Can you join in? Which challenge will you set yourself to practise your French counting? Be creative! Can you go higher than 20?
Challenge – can you write any of the French numbers from memory?

French Counting to 20 Challenge!

Practise counting to 20 (or higher) in French or any other language. A great way to combine language and PE skills!

If you want to play some French games on the computer, go to this website

and choose numbers 1-50.
Challenge yourself and see if you can find out and learn the 10s (twenty, thirty, etc) in French!
Have fun smiley!