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Teal Class (Year 2 and Year 3)

Home Learning from 06/01/21

Hello everyone,


Hope you all well and had a wonderful Christmas!


Below is a timetable with suggested activities. Each maths lesson has a link to a Whiterose Leaning Video and the accompanying worksheets can be found in the children's paper packs. For English I have recorded lessons and will update these for the following days learning. If you click on the blue writing, it should take you to the corresponding lesson (fingers crossed).


I have also put in a selection of Topic lessons including Science learning that is carried over from last term and our new History unit, The Great Fire of London. The Great Fire of London will begin next week :)

I haven't over loaded the pack for the first 3 weeks but don't forget there are many different links under the useful home learning links which you will find under the timetables just down the page. I haven't given the children any new spellings but would suggest that children practise the spellings at the front of their 'normal' spelling books  and of course continue to read at home. 


We are hoping to get some session up and running on Teams for the children so we are able to have check ins and group meetings but bear with us as this can take a lot of organising! I am always on the other end of Dojo if there are any problems and will do my best to help in any way I can.


Best Wishes,

Miss Barker

Term 4


Week 2







Year 2 Maths

Lines of Symmetry

Lines of symmetry – Draw the wholes

Sort 2D shapes

Make patterns with 2D shapes

Count faces on 3D shapes

Year 3 Maths

Compare Lengths

Add lengths

Subtract lengths

What is perimeter?

(No sheet)

Measure perimeter


Sentence Stacking five

Sentence Stacking six

Sentence Stacking seven

Sentence Stacking eight

Handwriting and Spelling


French- Mardi Gras

Science – parts of a plant

Creating a parts of plant flip book and explaining each parts function (in pack)

Science- parts of a flower/ pollination

Parts of a flower – match up the description and the name (in pack)

Science- Seed dispersal


Children to fill out activity sheet about the 4 different ways seeds disperse and how. Extra challenge order the statements from 1-7 (both in pack)


Video to support – BBC Bitesize


RE- Lent

Retell the story of Lent (sheet) with pictures and writing. There are phrases and sentences to support this on a sheet in the pack.



Week 1







Year 2 Maths

Recognise 2D and 3D Shapes

Make 2D and 3D shapes (No Sheet)

Count sides on a 2D shape

Count Vertices on a 2D shape

Draw 2D Shapes

Year 3 Maths

Measure Length

Measure length (meter)

Equivalent lengths (m and cm)

Equivalent lengths (cm and mm)

Compare lengths




Watch/ read the Day the crayons quit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=489micE6eHU


Sentence Stacking one

Sentence Stacking two

Sentence Stacking three

Sentence Stacking four

Handwriting and Spelling



Colours and Classroom items

Science – Seed and Bulbs

-Odd one out activity

-Observational drawing of a bulb and a seed


Science- Observe how plants grow

Follow the instructions to plant 2 bulbs and 2 lots of seeds. 1 of each goes into a dark room/ cupboard. Predict what is going to happen and use the tables to measure the growth over time.

Science – Plants for food

Grouping plants into herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers. Cutting and sticking activity

RE- Shrove Tuesday

Activities in RE pack

Why are pancakes linked with Shrove Tuesday?

Why do Christians celebrate Shrove Tuesday?

Week 6








Year 2 Maths

Maths- Make equal groups

Maths- Make equal groups

Maths- Redistribute form uneven groups to even groups

Maths- Add equal groups

Maths- Make arrays

Year 3 Maths

Maths- Multiplication for equal groups

Maths- Multiplication using the symbol

Maths- Using arrays

Maths- 2 times tables

Maths- 5 times tables


Thinking on advice to give


Questions to answer at the end of the video: What advice would you give the men? Do you think they should take her home? Do you think they should leave her there? Why?


Letter giving advice to the men


Writing a letter to the men explaining what you think they should do

Plot the different parts of the story (emotions)

Create your emotions chart and plot intent (positive or negative) for the first part of the story then add on the emotions ‘wild’ may be feeling

Plot the different parts of the story (emotions) part 2


Continue graph from yesterday for the second part of the story

English- Handwriting Session / spelling session



History- What happened after the Great fire of London?

(Project ideas are underneath)


French- Colours and Animals

(Feel free to continue with your project again)

History- Continuing with your project 😊

PSHE- Team Player

Create a wanted poster or a wanted video for someone to join your team and the qualities that you would like them to have e.g. someone that is caring and thinks of others.


Judaism- What stories do Jewish people tell from the Jewish Bible?

Questions to think about at the end:

Has there ever been a time when you have had to stand up for what’s right?

Has there been a time when you have seen someone being brave?

How did you know they were brave? When have you been brave?



Possible Questions to use for your Project      


Where and when did the fire start?                What happened during the fire?                                         

Who is Samuel Pepys?                                What did we learn from the fire?                                               

Why did the fire spread so far?                          How do we know about the fire?



Week 5







Year 2 Maths

Maths- Interpret pictograms

Maths-(No Sheet)

 Draw pictograms 2,5 and 10

Maths- Draw pictograms 2,5 and 10

Maths- Interpret pictograms

Maths- Block Diagrams

Year 3 Maths

Maths- Interpret pictograms 2, 5 and 10

Maths – Pictograms (No video but activity sheet)

Maths- Draw Bar Charts

Maths- Bar Charts

Maths- Tables


English- Lesson 3 Becoming the illustrator

Lesson 4 – Prepositions


Kahoot Quiz

Game PIN- 09439887

Lesson 5- What is she thinking?

Lesson 6- Dear Diary

English- Spellings and Handwriting


French- La neige (snow)

History – What was destroyed?

History-You can build/ construct your Cathedral to replace the old St Paul’s Cathedral. (clay, boxes, lego, salt dough…)


PSHE – One Big Family

Celebrating similarities and differences

Metal Health Week

Express yourself!

Do something that you enjoy that helps you to express yourself! It can be dancing, it can be a piece of art, photography, writing poetry, it can anything!

You can find different ideas here


Week 4



Monday (snow)





Year 2 Maths

Whole Class Challenge 😊

Create your own themed board game! You can include addition, subtraction or time times tables… You can even include some of your spellings. You could use your new knowledge of invertebrates, vertebrates and the different types of skeleton, hydrostatic, endoskeleton, exoskeleton.

You can link it to your great fire of London work or snow related. Lots of different ideas!


You will need to write some rules for your game.

Things to consider

  • Do you want cards for people to pick up if they land on a symbol?
  • How many people can play?
  • Do you need a dice or a spinner?
  • Do you need counters or characters?
  • Is it fun?
  • How do people win?


When we return to school we can bring in and share our games with each other.


Example Board Games


Maths- Make Tally charts

Maths- Make tally charts

Maths- Draw pictograms

Maths- Draw pictograms

Year 3 Maths

Maths – subtract money

Maths- Give change

Maths- Make Tally charts

Maths- Draw pictograms 2,5 and 10


Year 2- The Mystery of the Broken Bucket

Year 3 – Who burnt the Buns?

English – Lesson 1- Wild- exploring the front cover

English- Lesson 2 – wild- Comparing

English- Handwriting Session / spelling session



French- Colours

History- How long did the fire last for and how did it stop?


Online Game: London 1666

History- How far did the fire spread?

.Judaism- Hanukkah

Week 3








Year 2 Maths

Maths – Find the difference

Maths- Find the change

Maths – find the change (no sheet)

Bitesize clip

game- choose hard level

Why don’t you set up your own shop? Have customers to come and visit and give them their change 😊

Café Printable

Mathopoly Printable (Change from £1)

Mathopoly Printable (Change from 50p)

Maths- Two step problems

Maths Booklet – choose what you would like to complete

Year 3 Maths

Maths- Count money pence

Maths- Count money pounds

Maths- Pounds and pence

Maths- Convert pounds and pence

Maths- Add money


English - Preparing ideas for an extra character

English- Inverted Commas

English – Writing extra chapter

Finishing off the story

Story map/ Board

English- Handwriting Session / spelling session



French – Numbers 1- 20 week 2

History- What did people do first?

PSHE- All about me

History – What equipment was used to fight the fire?

Judaism- Shabbat



Week 2







Year 2 Maths

Maths- Notes and coins https://vimeo.com/471307831

Maths- Select money https://vimeo.com/473051856

Maths - Make the same amount https://vimeo.com/471402395

Game : online coin cruncher game

Maths – Compare money https://vimeo.com/479814464

Maths -  Find the Total https://vimeo.com/479815623

Year 3 Maths

Maths – subtract 3 digit from 3 digit https://vimeo.com/466580214

Maths- Subtract 3 digit from 3 digit exchange https://vimeo.com/466609834

Estimate Answers to Questions https://vimeo.com/466581257

Check answers


Practice your addition and Subtraction you have learnt over the last few days


English- Lesson 4 – Advice writing

English- Lesson 5 – preparing for a setting description

English – Writing our setting descriptions (says lesson 5 on video but really lesson 6)

English- Contractions


English- Handwriting Session / spelling session



French- La fete de Rois (Powerpoint)

History- The Great fire of London – Question collecting

Lesson Video

History- What was Stuart London like?

Watch: Video 1- Streets

Lesson Walkthrough

History- What happened on the 2nd September 1666?


RE- Judaism – What is special to you? Why?

Year 2 Set Learning









Maths -  Recognise notes and coins

Maths – Count money pence

Maths – Count money notes




English – Lesson 1 video

English – Lesson 2

English- Lesson 3




Science- recap, building and labelling the skeleton

Science- Vertebrate and invertebrate

Science – Exoskeleton, Endoskeleton, Hydrostatic skeleton


Year 3 Set Learning









Maths -  Recap 3 digit take 2 digits

Maths – Add 2 3-digit numbers not crossing ten

Maths – Add 2 3-digit numbers crossing ten




English - Lesson 1 video

English – Lesson 2

English- Lesson 3




Science- recap, building and labelling the skeleton

Science-  Science- Vertebrate and invertebrate

Science -  Science – Exoskeleton, Endoskeleton, Hydrostatic skeleton

Welcome to Teal class!


In our class there are 25 amazing children! Our Teacher is called Miss Barker and we are supported by Mrs Honan. We are taught French by Mrs Honorez and PE by Mrs Ranson. We love learning and having lots of fun!


Term 2- Where in the World... (continued)


Term 1- Where in the World...


Class Brochure 2019-2020

Spellings and Times Tables

In Class 2 Spellings are on a 2 week rotation. They are given out on a Monday for a 'mid way' test on Friday and sent home again for the following week. This is to help the children learn the spelling rules not just the spellings. It would be great if you could go through these with your child to help them learn them.


Times tables are done weekly in class in a 6 minute challenge on a Friday. The children will go through learning all of their times tables. All children have access to TT Rockstars to help them develop their fluency- You will find their user name and password in the front of their spelling books.


This websites also contains some great times tables games to play at home.


Top Marks Multiplication and Division

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