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Aqua Exploring Dynamics Music Matrix


Dynamics are how loud or quiet music is.


How many of the activities below can you complete?

Colour the square when you have had a go.




Use pots, pans , boxes and tubs in the kitchen to create your own drum kit. Use a wooden spoon as a beater.

How quietly can you play your instruments?

How loudly can you play your instruments?

Can you make the music go from loud to quiet and back again?

Singing Dynamics!


Choose your favourite nursery rhyme of song. Can you sing it really loudly?

Can you sing it really quietly?

Can you start singing it quietly and get louder towards the end? (This is called a crescendo)



There is a famous piece of music by Ravel called Bolero which is one long crescendo, getting louder and louder. Some famous ice skaters called Torvill and Dean danced to it. See if your parents or carers can find it on YouTube and watch it. Do you like the music? Why/ why not?

Can you make your own shaker?


Use rice/ dried beans or pasta in a small jar or pot.

What sort of sounds does it make when you shake it?

What sort of sounds does it make when you gently tilt it?

Listen to the music of the week from the main Dojo school page.


Is the music loud or quiet?

Does it get louder (crescendo) or get quieter (diminuendo)?



Rainstorm composition


Create your own rainstorm. Start by tapping your fingers together, then clapping, then drumming your feet on the floor. Then get quieter again by going back to clapping and tapping.

Can you clap along to a favourite song?


Can you clap loudly?

Can you clap quietly?



A famous composer called John Cage wrote a piece that is entirely silent called ‘4 minutes 33 seconds’.

I wonder how long you can stay silent for?



Record one of the activities you have completed and upload it to ClassDojo for Mrs Davis.