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London Stories (English)


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Week 1- We must completely go to London. (Charlie and Lola)


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Week 2- Katie in London

Week three

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- Discuss what happens in the story, who are the main characters?
- Draw a London hop on, hop off bus and add labels to name the different parts.
- Write a description of what a hop on, hop off bus is and what job it has four tourists in London.
- Design a tour around London for a hop on, hop off bus and draw a map to show the journey. Where will you start? Which landmarks will you visit? Where will you finish? Make sure to use time words to sequence the events. (For those in school we will complete this activity together).
- Create a ticket for your tour, make sure you include all the details a ticket needs.
- Design a new coloured pattern for the seats of a London bus https://www.ltmuseum.co.uk/assets/downloads/Routemaster_01062020.pdf

Week 4

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Paddington at the Palace
- Discuss and write sentences that explain the beginning, middle and end events of the story.
- Use these videos to view St James Park
-Design a new Royal Garden for the queen. Label the flowers and trees you choose to include- can you say the type you have included such as roses or oak tree?, are their any special features in your garden such as statues or water features?
- Write a setting description of St James Park- What can be seen? What can be heard? Include details about the weather and remember to use adjectives to describe and conjunctions to join ideas. ( We will do this one in school for those who are attending).

- Look for your split pin guard in your pack to make.

Week 5

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Paddington at the Tower

English week 5
Paddington at the Tower (part two)

- Discuss the different characters in the story.
- The Tower of London has been used as many different places throughout history. It has been a medieval castle, royal residence, exotic zoo, prison, royal mint and the home of the Crown Jewels. Use your imagination to think of something else the Tower could have been used for in the past and what it could be used for in the future. Draw a picture of write a sentence to show your ideas.
- Write a description to explain who the Yeoman Warders are, what they do and describe their uniform.
- Design a new Crown Jewel, what will it look like? What colours will you include? What times of gems will you use? If you have the resources you could have a go at making your new jewel. (For those in school we will do this activity)
- Write a character description of the ravens who live at the Tower. Think about colour, movements, personality and body features. Remember capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, use your sounds to independently spell words, think about tricky word spelling and take care with your letter formation. (For those in school we will do this activity)

Week 6

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Paddington at St Paul's

-Discuss the characters and setting of the story.
- What is the same? What is different from our other Paddington stories?
- What transport did Paddington and Mr Gruber use to get to St Paul's? Draw a picture of what they used and add labels to show its features.
- Pretend you are Paddington and write to Aunt Lucy telling her all about your visit to St Paul's.
- Think about our school 'Rs', can you design a stain glass window that shows that R? Add a description. ( For those in school we will complete this activity together in class)



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