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Aqua Class (Reception and Year 1)

Welcome to Aqua Class!

Our class teacher is Mrs Gould who is supported by Mrs Davis (teaching RE and Music) and Miss Lynch who is our class TA.


We are a mixed age group class with both Reception and Year 1 children. We have a play based curriculum that encourages independence alongside cooperative learning. We have well resourced indoor and outdoor classroom provision that children are encouraged to take ownership and therefore responsibility for.



Term 1

What makes me a me?


To start the new year we will be concentrating on building relationships and learning how to be a learner, this year is even more important than usual to create a solid foundation to the school year. We will rebuild our understanding of what makes a good learner and how to follow rules effectively with the year 1 children acting as role models for our new reception children. 


Term 1 will be rooted around developing language through phonics, reading and writing activities and learning opportunities. Our Maths brains won't be left out as we will developing our number sense and ensuring we have a solid foundation to build our Maths knowledge.


Our first topic will allow us to build on previous knowledge of ourselves, our bodies and our senses through investigations and environment that promotes exploration, practice and just having a go! Creating independent, inquisitive, critical thinkers.




We ask that your child reads to you every night and you practice their tricky words and phonics which are updated weekly.



Further to reading every night and practicing your phonics and tricky words, the Year One children are given spellings that are sent home on a fortnightly basis. They have a half way test after one week giving a chance to check how well they are learning the spelling rule and then a second test the following week.

Class Brochure 2020-21

Early Years Outcomes

Letters and Sounds: Articulation

Letters and Sounds video related to teaching of articulation of phonemes: vowels and consonants.

Ten Town Characters: How we learn to draw our numbers