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Aqua Class (Reception and Year 1)

Welcome to Aqua Class!


Hello and Welcome from everyone in Aqua Class.

We are a happy and excited class of mixed Reception and Year 1  children who enjoy exploring the environment in our lovely village setting, our teacher is Mrs Gould who supports and guides our learning.

We have a lovely outdoor classroom area with a canopy, soft play surface, mud kitchen and play house.  This helps make our learning very exciting as we can have fun whatever the weather.  We always have our wellingtons and raincoats in school so that we can go for walks, collecting leaves, being park detectives, exploring the village, bug hunting, bird watching, treasure hunts and maths trails whatever the weather. 

To support the children we have developed a Creative Curriculum which is play based, hands on learning and helps to develop creative and independent thinking skills.

Term 3

Frozen Planet

How do Polar animals stay warm?

Will a polar bear and a penguin meet?


We will continue to explore the Arctic and Antarctic but now focusing on the animals that live in these places. We will learn how scientists categorise animals by their features and use this to explore the types of animals that live in the polar regions. We will decide what we want to find out about polar animals by writing questions and deciding which way our learning will go.  


As scientists we will discover and answer ;

How  do polar animals stay warm?

Can polar bears and penguins meet?

Are all penguin the same?

What do Narwhals use their tusk for?

Why are Orca whales called killer whales?








We ask that your child reads to you every night and you practice their tricky words and phonics which are updated weekly.



Further to reading every night and practicing your phonics and tricky words, the Year One children are given spellings that are sent home on a fortnightly basis. They have a half way test after one week giving a chance to check how well they are learning the spelling rule and then a second test the following week.

Early Years Outcomes

Letters and Sounds: Articulation

Letters and Sounds video related to teaching of articulation of phonemes: vowels and consonants.

Ten Town Characters: How we learn to draw our numbers